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08 Oct 2010. An IPC-style welcome to India
New Delhi’s airport is the sixth largest in the world and handles 40 million passengers a year. Named after Indira Gandhi, the airport is the biggest and most grandiose public infrastructure built in India in the last decade. Its ultra-modern, futuristic Terminal 3 was inaugurated in July. The terminal encloses a vast space of 20,000 square metres, divided between shops, cafés and restaurants. The various floors of the new terminal are served by 63 lifts, 35 elevator stairways and 92 conveyors.
Passengers are welcomed by an environment characterised by steel structures, large windows and polished granite floors made by Bramco India, the company that also handles their maintenance. Bramco India is partnered by Impression Services, who are responsible for all cleaning in Terminal 3.
Their task is far from easy, given the terminal’s size and its daily traffic. Machines and equipment must therefore be up to the task: they must guarantee top quality results, rationalise cleaning methods, times and costs, and ensure respect for the environment and natural resources. IPC was the obvious solution to these stringent requirements. The machines that IPC’s Indian subsidiary offered the companies responsible for maintenance and cleaning were clear winners of the tender.
Scrubber-driers and sweepers from IPC Gansow, electric vehicles from IPC Portotecnica, vacuum cleaners from IPC Soteco, trolleys and cleaning equipment from IPC Ready System form a complete system of machines, tools, and methods. The machines supplied confirm the market leadership of the IPC Group and their standing as solutions provider which has been achieved by massive investment in research and development and by the advanced technology and competence of all the companies in the group.
CT 110 ECS ride-on scrubber-driers are among the machines already operational. Thanks to a patented system based on the use of microfibre pads, these machines can clean up to 6000 square metres of floor in a single shift. They also use 90% less water and detergent while still guaranteeing 5 times the productivity of conventional scrubber-driers.
IPC has supplied over 50 machines complete with equipment to enable the cleaning companies involved to accept the challenge of cleaning one of the toughest and most complex areas on the international scene and win, thanks to the latest technology.